We’d like to thank everyone that participated in the EBS Video Contest 2014, and everyone that shared or voted for your favourite video. We are ready to give you the winners!

1st Prize – JORGE MOLINA


With tasteful playing, a great composition and thoughtful use of the equipment at hand – supported by the most votes in this competition – we are happy to present the winner of the 1st PRIZE in EBS Video Contest 2014; JORGE MOLINA! Jorge will receive an EBS Reidmar amplifier.

2nd Prize – FILIP


Like a classic rock star, entering the competition in the very last minute and tearing down the place, our 2nd PRIZE winner shows that by giving it all you got, let the hair down and turn up to eleven you can definitely stand out in a crowd and show that You rock! Congrats FILIP – you just got a new EBS pedal of choice!



If this competition had been all about how great you can handle the bass, we’ve had our winner right here in this video. We strongly recommend everyone to visit THIBAULT AKRICH Youtube channel and check out his amazing playing! We honor Thibault with a 3rd place and an EBS T-shirt…and hey, let’s add a package of EBS Stainless Steel strings too. We look forward to hear more of Thibault’s playing in the future!



Everytime you see this video, it makes you smile and feel good – and that’s a lot of what music is all about, isn’t it? On the 4th place, we present JAYCE ALLISSON KARL. May the force be with you and we hope you’ll wear your new EBS T-shirt with pride. We send you a package of strings too.



We honor SILAS TALACUA with the 5th place in EBS Video Contest 2014. It did not make the top position this time, but a 5th place is not bad either. Keep it up! T-shirt and strings will be delivered soon!

All the winners will be contacted by email. Thank you ALL of you! /The EBS Team

This story was brought to you by www.ebssweden.com

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