“This is not an old tube amp – it just sounds like one.”


Close up on the new Classic 500 head.

The EBS Classic 500 amp recently won an ‘Editor’s Award’ in Swedens leading musicians magazine, Musiker Magasinet. The full review is found in issue 4, 2014 of the magazine (in Swedish), however, here are a few quotes, translated to English by the author of the review. 


“This is not an old all tube amp – it just sounds like one.”

“The fact is it sounds better than some all tube amps I have owned.”

“In my Classic 450 review I wrote that it was the best sounding overdrive I’ve ever heard.Well, now it sounds even better.”

“The most impressive feature was the Drive function. EBS has somehow improved an already brilliant construction and made it sound very close to a hard driven tube amp, sweating under pressure.”

“It’s no doubt a modern amp – slim format, flexible filters and a generous output power that will cover most gigs.”

“The basic sound is good enough to just plug and play and the Character switch it all it takes to make me happy. If you have any special needs the onboard eq will do the job.”

“There is no problem to create sounds ranging from a classic warm to a barking aggressive or sweaty funk slap sounds.”

“It sounds surprisingly natural and warm even when it’s cranked up.”

Find out more about the EBS Classic 500 here:

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