EBS @ NAMM 2014. Day three report.

Saturday was an intense day highlighted by Tal Wilkenfelds EBS appearance that saw a huge crowd checking out Tal playing AND singing backed up by Steve Ferrone on drums and Owen Barry on guitar. One of the most intense NAMM days in EBS history…

Tal Wilkenfeld surrounded by drummer legend Steve Ferrone (right) and bass legend Anthony Jackson (left).

Tal Wilkenfeld surrounded by drummer legend Steve Ferrone (right) and bass legend Anthony Jackson (left).

Saturday – what a great day to hang out at the EBS booth. Heating up at 12 with Tommy Brown along with Francisco Diaz demoing, then followed by Killswitch Engage bass player Mike D’Antonio who signed and meet with fans before heading to LA and the Grammy Award Show, where the band is nominated for a Grammy in the Best Metal Performance category. Mike came onboard with EBS in 2013, and has been touring all year with EBS Reidmar and Fafner II amps, ClassicLine cabinets and EBS effects.

Mike D'Antonio enjoying himself at the EBS signing.

Mike D’Antonio enjoying himself at the EBS signing.

Then the Annual Rocker’s Cometogether hosted by Bjorn Englen, Marten Andersson and Whitesnake’s Michael Devin. Lot’s of pictures and a few beers later, it ended up in this…


Michael Devin fr Whitesnake, Ralf fr EBS, Marten Andersson fr Lizzy Borden, Bjorn Englen fr Dio Disciples at the Rockers Cometogether.

In the afternoon a drum kit arrived from Gretch, guitar and bass was setup with EBS amps and a small PA-system set up for vocals. A huge crowd built up waiting patiently for Tal Wilkenfeld! Tal brought her friends Steve Ferrone and Owen Barry along to play a few songs before Tal took the pen and signing for well over an hour and a half. What a great way to round off the day!

Tal Wilkenfeld.

Tal Wilkenfeld.

Photos from DAY 3:

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Stay tuned for yet another days report before we wrap up the NAMM SHOW 2014, presenting video material and additional photos in a few days!

You will be able to follow the NAMM Show on our daily blog from NAMM!

Just surf in on http://www.ebssweden.com between January 23-26 for daily reports from the show!


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