EBS Artist Gear Videos from Sweden Rock!

Starting up the new season now! Lots of interesting stuff in the pipeline! For now, don’t miss to check out the artist videos from the summer! 🙂

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Find out what’s on stage with EBS artists, and news about the bands in these videos! Filmed on location at Sweden Rock Festival, 2012. 

Rival Sons Rob Everhart talks gear and coming up news about the band:


Danko Jones John JC Calabrese present his rig and what’s coming up!


Adrenaline Mob’s John Moyer rig rundown, litterally!


Entombed’s Victor Brandt reveal his secrets on stage:


Niklas Nille Sandin from Katatonia bring you news from the band and reveal his setup on stage:


Check out Jimmy Jay from Heat speaking about EBS pedals, his rig and band news:


We’re coming back soon with some video, pics and news from Metaltown featuring In Flames, Lamb Of God, Opeth and more…

/The EBS Team

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