EBS @ Sweden Rock Festival 2012!

Flower Kings on stage at Sweden Rock 2012

For ten years in a row, we have been represented at the Sweden Rock Festival – a ‘mecca’ for classic rock fans, and a great place to discover new bands! This year’s ‘theme’ seems to have been young hungry bands with 70’s influences, led by recent sensations like Rival Sons and Graveyard. On top of that some good ol bands like Motörhead, Mötley Crue and Bad Company, as well as one of the 90’s greatest band coming back – Soundgarden! This was also the first year with an official mission for EBS to supply three of five stages with the “house” bass backline, offered to the bands to use free, leading to several more bands than usual playing EBS and to a larger number of people, all with great response from those who had the chance to play the gear! 

Danko Jones JC with the EBS Classic rig set up for the show.

EBS Artists

We had a really great time hanging out with our artists that played the festival. These included EBS Pedal Artist John Moyer, from Adrenaline Mob (and Disturbed), Jonas Reingold from Flower Kings (that also used EBS as monitors for keyboard player Tomas Bodin), JC from Danko Jones who had four full EBS Classic rigs on stage, Victor Brandt with Entombed, Niklas Sandin with Katatonia, pedal artists Jimmy Jay from Heat,  Zornheym from Dark Funeral and last but not least, Rob Everhart from Rival Sons! All did great on stage and rocked the crowd and we made a few rig rundown videos to be posted soon – so stay tuned for that!

Orange Goblin

Rival Sons – ladies and gentlemen!


Other highlights

There were many bands other than the ones mentioned that played EBS at the festival. Some that made a great impression were UK’s Orange Goblin, the Swede’s in The Crown and Bonafide. Great to see Soundgarden back on track too, and Mastodon delivered as usual. Some of the stuff where recorded in its entire and will be broadcasted on Swedish National Radio (sr.se) later this year, including the gig with Rival Sons!

We would like to thank all bands that we had the chance to hang with and meet, the fantastic Sweden Rock Crew making everything easy by wearing a smile, and we look forward to next year!  Enjoy the pictures and stay tune for rig videos soon!

John Moyer’s pedal board on stage with Adrenaline Mob. An EBS MicroBass II deliver a clean tone processed by the preamp to one of his heads, and the EBS MetalDrive adds a slight distortion to his other rig, kicked in on the solos.


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