EBS @ NAMM 2012, DAY 2

Slipknot's Mick Thomson with Mats, Ralf and Bo from EBS!

Excitement is a good word to sum up this Friday at the EBS NAMM Show booth! Everyone came by to try out the new talk of the town – EBS Reidmar, and we also had some very successful signings with metal stars John Moyer, Tim King and Mick Thomson.

We believe this is the start for a successful EBS year! With great products to offer and the EBS Reidmar 250 starting at 459 USD Map, in combination of what it does, as well as the still gaining pedal program, the great Session combos and on top of that the flagships with EBS TD660 and Fafner II offer something for everyone, never compromising on the tone!

Friday also offered a great jam with Etienne Mbappé together with guitarist Christophe Maillard , that we catch on video for release in the coming week or so. We also had visits from among others, Kern Brantley (Lady Gaga), Traa (P.O.D.), Alan White (Yes), Dick Lövgren (Meshuggah), Tommy Brown (Gospel great) and many more…

The official fan pics from Mick Thomson’s signing can be found here:


Enjoy the pics from Friday!

/The EBS Team

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