EBS @ NAMM 2012. Hall B, 5391.

Wow, we’re ready for show to start tomorrow and are all excited about it! So, what have we been up to so far?

Well, arrived in LA on Sunday to meet up with our long time friend and EBS Artist Bjorn Englen, bass player for Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony Mcalpine and Soul Sign, for the traditional dinner at some Hollywood restaurant. Monday we started to work by visiting some of our friends up in LA. We went to see the guys at Centerstaging, the place to go for EBS rental equipment in LA and where we stash all supply for our artist support. Then we got to visit Dave at LA Sound Design, who builds pedalboards and rigs for a lot of the “big guys” in LA (when we got there, he worked on Vivian Campells new rig). We got to know Dave from his Youtube videos showing some of his incredible work, where we noticed he was using the EBS DynaVerb on a lot of his boards for guitarists, and it was great to finally meet! Then off to Third Encore, which is a similar facility to Centerstaging, to say hi to our friends at Engl guitar amps, and check out the facitilites where a lot of major LA rock bands rehearse and prepare for touring.

We also had some secret meetings that you all might to get to know more about with time! đŸ˜‰

/The EBS Team

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