EBS In London for Bass Guitar Show and Bruno Mars

Last weekend, I got the chance to visit London for the Bass Guitar Show at the Olympia Exhibition center, where EBS UK distributor Sound Technology represented EBS, and artists Dave Marks, Laurence Cottle and Pascal Mulot performed with EBS gear. The show was great and attracted lots of visitors, especially for being the first year this show was arranged. It’s likely to believe it’s going to be a yearly event.

Bruno Mars at Koko's - EBS rig to the right.

Bruno's bass player Jamareo Artis backstage with Ralf from EBS.

At the same night, Bruno Mars hit London with a sold out gig at the Koko Club. Bruno’s bassist Jamareo Artis recently came on board with EBS amps and cabinets, and the TD650 heads and ProLine 410 cabinets they use on the tour performed great! Great to see this incredible band at a club scene, since I’m pretty sure next time they will play at a much larger venue. Catch the band on the rest of the tour, if lucky enough to have a ticket, since it’s completely sold out!

Check out the pictures from the London Bass Guitar Show below, as well as a video with Laurence Cottle and drummer Ian Thomas from his Bass Guitar Show main stage performance!


All The Bass!
/Ralf, EBS

4 thoughts on “EBS In London for Bass Guitar Show and Bruno Mars

  1. Jacob Jaines

    I’m a big fan of Jamareo Artis! Wow! When did he become apart of the EBS Team, I hope EBS knows what they have. He is a next level musician and on a very upcoming high profile gig that’s already high profile now. His name is everywhere for bass players right now, amazing! Jamareo + EBS = Sweetness!

    1. ebssweden Post author

      Jamareo has been using EBS amps since the recent Grammy week, so it’s very fresh! He fell in love in the gear after being introduced by our ‘official’ ambassador Jackie Clark. 🙂

  2. Micah Lewis

    Seriously?!!! Where can I get an EBS rig? He was the reason I bought my Gallien Krueger Neo 412 and Fusion 550 Head, guess I’ll be switching to EBS now!


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