Sunday night(…actually Monday morning now). All exhausted from four fantastic and intensive days at the NAMM Show! It seems a bit as a relief for all the exhibitors at the floor. We will leave the show with a big boost and confidence for the coming up year, and it was great to see all these new and familiar faces that shared the event with us and made it successful. Final day is a bit of a wrap up, catching up on leads from the following days, but since the Sunday Only badges where new to this year, there still was great activity on the floor, and we had Mike Scott doing his rescheduled demo which was phenomenal, and caught on video for you to discover soon! 🙂

We are also happy to introduce Sekou Bunch as new EBS Pedal Artist! Sekou is one of these cats that has been around forever, and still going strong, and we are very satisfied with having him onboard!

We also had a visit from Jack Bruce’s son, Malcolm Bruce, who is a great bass player just like his father, but also a great guitarist.

Some of our old friends coming by this day included Jonas Hellborg, Hugh McDonald from Bon Jovi, guitarist Jeff Pevar and In Flames Fan Club president Neil Lim, among others.

Before the week ends we plan to have all the videos up on the blog for you to check out, so if you want to get notified about that, subscribe to the blog or sign up as follower on http://www.twitter.com/ebssweden

A special thanks to Lakland, Fernandez guitars, PRS guitars and Tsunami cables for letting us use their gear at the booth!

Thank you All, and we look forward to introduce you to some new exciting gear at Frankfurt Messe! ;

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