EBS @ Bass Day UK 2010!


Here’s a report from Bass Day UK in Manchester that was held on October 10.

This was the first official show with EBS new UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd., that was represented by Aaron Dorey, Alastair Phillips, and Jason Lovatt. Visiting the show was also Ralf and Michael from EBS headquarters in Sweden.

About 800-1000 people came to visit the show that also presented appearances by artists, including EBS Artists Victor Bailey and Dave Marks, as well as Billy Sheehan and Stu Hamm.

Both Victor and Dave talked a lot of playing music, and for the music, where Victor gave examples of how the old masters of the instrument had one thing in common – they all created great music and classic songs, not just showing off great technique. Besides playing some songs of Jaco and Weather Report, as well as his own compositions, he also held a great Q&A session with the audience.

Victor “medley” where he play some Weather Report, talk about playing with Madonna, and show his favourite own bass line:

Victor play Jaco’s “Portrait Of Tracy”, in public for the first time!:

Dave approached basically the same theme from a more hands on perspective, along with drummer Darren Ashford. He explained the importance of playing whats right for the context of a song, which is often about a less-is-more approach, but not always. The clinic was an excerpt of Dave and Darrens MasterClass RythmMatters.

Here’s a couple examples:

The exhibition was a great start for Sound Technology as the new UK distributor, and also a good way to say thank you to Bernie and Deborah at GB Guitars for their work with EBS over the years. Good to see all our friends and artists over in UK, may the force be with you!

For more info on Sound Technology, please visit http://www.soundtech.co.uk

More about the event can be found at http://www.bassdayuk.co.uk

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