Bass Day Budapest report!

Bass Day Budapest took place for the first time on the 26th of September 2010 at the Budapest Jazz Club, Hungary.

The two main sponsors were EBS Sweden and MLP Guitars– the maker of the famous Hungarian hand made custom bass guitars – organised by the Hungarian EBS distributor Csendes Peter (PMS-Audio).

It was a great show with workshops and concerts. The aim was to assemble bass players from all over the country and abroad as well. Some of the leading Hungarian bass players performed at the show including: Barabas Tamas, Frey Gyorgy , Temesi Berci, Vigh Arnold, Eged Marton and Bakaja Peter.

Besides the workshops and concerts on the main stage, the audiance had the chance to try out all the EBS amplifiers and cabinets. The  new EBS Fafner II amp and EBS Classic T90 all-tube amp got a lot of attention!

Because of the big success we  would like to repeat the venue in the next year with even more master class workshops and EBS deep test.

 One week later Soundquest Hungary was organized this year again on October 1-2-3. There were about 30000 visitors during the three days. PMS Audio’s partner HIT Space introduced EBS amplifiers among which the Classic Line series seemed to attract a lot of people.

Here’s some videos from Bass Day:

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