EBS @ Stockholm Rock Out!

Last weekend we had EBS amps on both stages at the Stockholm Rock Out Festival – a festival presenting around 30 bands from the sleeze/classic rock scene, including Great White, UDO, Pretty Boy Floyd, former Mötley Crue singer John Corabi and many more. The main stage had 2x EBS Classic 450 heads with 2x ClassicLine 810 cabinets – a setup that looked and sounded great along with the Marshall guitar stacks, while the second stage had a Fafner and NeoLine 810 cabinet.

Many of the US bands encountered EBS for the first time and all seemed to be impressed by the tone and power coming from these amps. Here’s what Great White’s bassist Scott Snyder said after the show:” I’ve played through many amps, and my amp never had that drive and growl that the EBS 450 classic had, and I didnt even dial my sound in yet. Our guitarist/keyboards and producer said ; thats the best I’ve ever heard your bass sound…I agreeded. ”

Here’s some pictures from the event!

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