Breaking News – the EBS Fafner II

Here´s the headline news that will meet the visitors at Frankfurt MusikMesse 2010 – the long awaited EBS Fafner II.

EBS Fafner, named after a creature in a Northern legend – has become a legend itself as the best selling EBS amp of all times. Now time has come to introduce the Fafner II. This new ’flagship’ from EBS is packed with great and useful features that makes this amp stand out from the rest. The Fafner II is second to none! 


Two channels. EBS Fafner II use a two channel preamp that can be run in series or parallel mode. Since you can switch between the channels or blend them together it open up a lot of possibilities to shape your sound. 

Footswitch control. Use a remote footswitch control (EBS RM-4) to switch between the channels, bypass filters, kick in the character filters or mute the rig while tuning. 

Two separate XLR-outputs. A very rare feature on the Fafner II amp is the two separate balanced XLR-outputs – one pre and one post EQ. This creates the opportunity to blend a clean signal with a processed straight from the amp, or to use a clean signal to front of house and your own sound in the monitors on stage. Not to speak about the extended options it will give in a recording situation! 

Individual effect loops. Individual effect loops for each channel, and a common loop provide maximum flexibility when hooking up your effects. For example, you can connect a noise gate to the drive channel, without affecting the clean channel, while you can use a chorus on the clean channel, without affect the drive channel. 

Built in compressor. The smooth working built in compressor used on most EBS amps is famous. On the Fafner II it is clever than ever, since it only compress the sound of the clean channel and leave the drive channel as wild as you want it. 

Protected power amp. The protected  power amp stage gives an impressive 750 W RMS at 2 ohm load, 610 W RMS at 4 ohm, and 310 at 8 ohm.
EBS Fafner II is designed, developed and built in Sweden. EBS Fafner II is now in production and will be available in the summer of 2010.


More info soon available at


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