NAMM, Day 4

Sunday is usually the day to follow up on things from the other days, but this years Sunday held a few good surprises as well. A great moment was when a spontaneous jam happened between the booths. John Blackwell, drummer from Prince, Justin Timberlake etc at our neighbors and Jackie Clarke and friends at the EBS booth made our neighborhood groove! We also had visits from Bon Jovi’s bassist Hugh McDonald, Tony Levin, Marco Mendoza and the guitarist from Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jeff Pevar. Sunday had a sense of relief over it, not because the show was about to end, but because business seems have been good for everyone and there is hope for the future, compared to the overall anxiety that everyone sensed last year due to the world economic crisis. For EBS, it was one of the best shows ever, both the business and the experience – see you all next year, and a big THANK YOU to artists, friends and associates that shared this with us and made it such a great show! Hope this blog gave all of you who could not attend some sort of idea about what NAMM is about and what EBS is all about – the love of music.

More videos from the show wil be posted soon…stay tuned!

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