Saturday at the show, lots of people and a great time! Justin Meldal-Johnsen’s bass tech came by and checked out the new stuff and shared what EBS effects Justin is using, which include the ValveDrive, WahOne, MultiComp and the Micro Bass II, to name a few. Next up was the signing with Disturbed’s John Moyer. The EBS is not quite known as a metal bass amp brand in the US, the same way at it is in some parts of Europe, but with appearances by the likes of John, Peter Iwers (at NAMM 2009) etcetera will slowly put EBS on the metal map in the US too.  For the afternoon artist session, Alex Al – the last bass player to play with Michael Jackson – brought his friend, guitarist Michael Angel (Prince etc.), who plugged his guitar into an EBS pedal board and a Session 60 combo with great result, and sax player Jessy J, who has a number one hit o the Billboard Smooth Jazz list at the moment. Other well known artists coming by the booth included Jimmy Earl, Brian Bromberg, James LoMenzo, Marco Renteria, Al Carty, Roy Z and more, before the day ended with a jam between Etienne Mbappé, Duwayne Thomas Jr. and drummer Nicolas Viccarro.

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