Friday has always been one of the busiest days at the NAMM Show – so it was this year too. It was great to see Victor Bailey back with EBS and at the booth meeting fans and having a good time! Welcome back Victor! While he was present, he got company by another great legend of bass – Stanley Clarke – who draw huge crowds to the EBS booth at last years NAMM and added to the experience this year too. Followed up by afternoons signing with future legend – Tal Wilkenfeld. She has really made her a name in recent years as the most interesting new star on the sky of bass players, and it was no question about it that her signing was one of the days most visited attractions at the show. Friday night also means the EBS Annual dinner with artists and distributors. Among the guests this year was Tal, Victor, Stanley, Alex Al, Megadeths James LoMenzo, Marco Renteria from multiple Latin Grammy Awarded band Jaguares, as well as Stevie Wonder guitarist Joel Whitley. The Dealer Of The Year Award got to MRN Norway, and Musical Distributors got awarded for their efforts in marketing EBS in untraditional ways and thinking outside the box. A good tradition that will definitely be followed up next year!

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