NAMM Pre-Show Update!

Pre-show Update!

Never trust an airline again…we spent 32 hours of running around airports, missing two connections and standing in line before we finally made it to Los Angeles – with all bagage lost and spread out all over the world. But, after some serious last minute shopping in Hollywood (thank God for H&M!), ending up in the mid of a crime scene (CSI-style), we actually got some time to visit our friends at Centerstaging and SIR rental companies, that stock EBS products. We also took time to visit the Amp Shop, West LA Music and Guitar Center stores. As well as meeting up with bass player Bjorn Englen, long time friend of EBS and bass player for Yngwie Malmsteen. Then off to Anaheim and stand-construction days. Now we are getting ready with all lost bagage found and all gear in place at the booth looking forward to a great NAMM Show with EBS!

Now it’s the night before opening. Everything is in place and we recieved a call from Mr Stanley Clarke announcing he will visiting the booth. That will be great! 

So…tomorrow is the day! Stay tuned!

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