Warren J. McRae – from the Tina Turner World Tour

Tina Turner on stage in Stockholm - with bass player Warren J McRae
Tina Turner on stage in Stockholm – with bass player Warren J McRae

We had the privilege to meet Warren J McRae at the Tina Turner Show in Stockholm, and made the following interview…please enjoy!

For those who don’t know, who is Warren J McRae?

WM-21– Warren McRae is a bassist, writer, producer with a real thirst for muzic.  I grew up in Jamaica, Queens NYC,  with the likes of Marcus Miller, Omar Hakiim and Lenny White, to name a few. So I was always around great musicians and great people.

For how long have you been with Tina Turner, and how did you get the gig in the first place?

– I joined Tina’s band in 1997 and I’ve played bass for her ever since.  We meet while I was playing with Joe Cocker in Europe in 1996, so when the opportunity to change bass players came, I got the call. 

How is it to be in the band of one of the biggest rock artists of all times?

It’s an AMAZING feeling.  I get to listen to her sing her heart out every single night.  She only asks that you do your best, and she brings the best out of you every night.  She is one of the biggest Rock acts of all time and it’s by far the best gig I’ve had.

What other gigs do you see as highlights in your career so far?

– Playing for Joe Cocker was also amazing.  He just gets out there and sings.  A real grass roots act and he’s a true English Gentlemen. I learned a lot working for Nona Hendyx and Little Steven Van Zandt. They both have great discipline and stage presence. Lionel Richie was a blast.  He just likes to have a good time and also pushes you to do your best. 

On this tour, you have been using EBS equipment, tell us a little about your setup and how you got in touch with EBS?

-I’ve been using all EBS Equiptment for my rig.  It consist of (2) EBS Proline 4X10 cabinets, (2) TD 650 Heads and ALL the Black Label pedals.  I also got one of the new Stanley Clarke Signature Wah Wah Pedal. 

I knew about EBS equipment from watching Marcus Miller. I’ve always love his sound at his live shows. So I gave the guys at EBS Sweden a call and they came thru BIG time !!!

What are your impression from using EBS on stage on the Tina Turner world tour?

 – The cabinets and heads are just true work horses.  I’ve never had a problem with them while on tour and they sound great.  The bottom end is round and punchy without being muddy.  The mids and highs are just right, not to bright (so you feel like your playing guitar) and not to dull ( so you can’t make out what your playing). You get a great bass sound from them.

The heads deliver great EQ, so you get the exact sound you need, without having to read a phone book to figure it out.  They’re really user friendly. You can use the DI output from the back of the head and send it to the front of house. Really well thought out….

You are using pedals as well, are there any certain concerns about using pedals with bass, and how do you use your pedals?

 -I got one of the new Stanley Clarke Signature Wah Wah Pedals, that I used for the European leg of the tour. It was a great addition to the show. I use different pedals for different songs during the set.  The multi drive can help to give you that real old school, distorted sound.  The unichorus can give you a very wide sound, great for ballads. The thing I love most about the EBS pedals is no matter which one you use, they NEVER drop the bottom out when you kick the pedal in.  So many times in the past, (with other companies) you kick the pedal in and the bottom drops right out. With EBS, you get the effect your looking for and keep your sound, and most important….your bottom !!!

Do you have any certain advice how to develop as a musician and how to success in the business?

-You just have to practice and always be ready.  There’s no magic formula or hiding mystery. You never know when the phone will ring and you’ll get your shot.  You only get one time to make a first impression.  Make sure it’s a good one.

What are your plans after this tour?

-I’m going to open a recording studio in NY, to do some production.  Play on some jingles in NY ( TV commercials). Then I’m going back on the road.  I’m not sure with who yet, but I’m sure it’ll be another great artist….. I love the road !

Finally, any last words for now?

-I recommend ALL EBS products to everyone.  They are made by bass players, with bass players in mind.  You can’t ask for anything better.  The products stand up over time and that’s really important.  I’m really happy to play and endorse your products……..

Thank you Warren and we hope to see and hear more of you soon! 

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2 thoughts on “Warren J. McRae – from the Tina Turner World Tour

  1. Valarie Williamson

    Hello Warren,
    Besides missing seeing Tina in concert, I mostly miss seeing you up there jamming and playing your heart out. You are a fantastic musican and I look forward to seeing you play again in the future.
    Your fan,


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